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Our Members

The Commonwealth Group provides the best of all worlds by combining the strength of a nationwide network with the one-on-one attention only privately held businesses can provide. Integrity, honesty, professionalism, responsibility and leadership to the industry is what makes us strong.

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Ace Plumbing Heating & Electrical Supplies Inc.
Active Plumbing Supply Co.
Air Purchases, Inc.
ALB Piping Products & Services, LLC
Alpena Supply Company, Inc.
American Underground Supply, LLC
Apex Supply Company
Ardente Supply Co., Inc.
Baker-Mitchell Co.
Bath Supply Company, Inc.
Bell/Simons Company
Benjamin Supply, Inc.
Budge-McHugh Supply Co., Inc
C & L Supply, Inc.
Calverley Supply Co.
Canyon Pipe & Supply, Inc.
Capital Flow, Inc.
Carolina Plumbing Supply
Carr Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Central Corporation of Oshkosh
Charles D. Jones Co. (MO)
Charleston Inc.
Chris-More Inc.
City Plumbing & Electric Supply
Cleveland Plumbing Supply Co.
CMC Supply, Inc.
Coburn Supply Company, Inc
Colt Plumbing Company
Connor Co.
Contractors Pipe & Supply Corp.
Cox Piping Supply
Cregger Company, Inc.
Dealers Supply Co., Inc.
Doc Savage Supply
East End Plumbing Supply Inc.
Exeter Supply Company Inc.
Falk Supply Company
G. W. Berkheimer Co., Inc.
Gateway Supply Co.
General Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Goodin Company
Granite Group
H & S Supply Co., Inc.
Harry Cooper Supply Co., Inc
Henry Quentzel Plumbing Supply Co., Inc.
Heritage Landscape Supply Group, Inc.
Hill & Company, Inc.
Hydrologic Distribution Company
Illinois Plumbing & Heating Supply
Irr Supply Centers, Inc.
J&B Supply, Inc.
J. Lorber Company
Jackson Supply Co.
Johnson Air Products
Johnston Supply, Inc.
Keller Supply Co
Lee Supply Corp.
Lehman Pipe and Plumbing Supply
Lewis-Smith Supply Corp.
Longley Supply Company
Lute Supply, Inc.
M & L Supply Company, Inc.
Metropolitan Pipe & Supply Co.
Michigan Pipe & Valve
Mid-City Supply Co., Inc.
Milford Supply Company, Inc.
Mississippi Coast Supply Co., Inc.
Montgomery Plumbing Supply Company
National Wholesale Supply, Inc.
Neenan Company
Next Plumbing Supply
Nicklas Supply, Inc.
North Shore Plumbing Supply Co
Northeastern Supply, Inc
Northside Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Pacific Plumbing Supply Co., LLC
Park Supply Company, Inc.
Penco Corporation
Perry Supply Co., Inc.
Peterson Plumbing Supply
Phoenix Supply, Inc.
Plimpton & Hills Corporation
Plumb Supply Company, LLC
Plumbers & Factory Supplies, Inc.
Plumbers Supply Co.
Plumbers Wholesale Supply Co.
Plumbing and Industrial Supply
Plumbing Distributors, Inc.
Plumbing Wholesale Outlet, Inc.
Porter Pipe & Supply
Premier Wholesale Supply
Putnam Pipe Corporation
R. F. Fager Company
Rampart Supply, Inc.
Reading Foundry & Supply Co., LLC
Robertson Heating Supply
Rubenstein Supply Company
Rundle-Spence Mfg. Co.
Schaefer Plumbing Supply Co., Inc.
Schmidts Wholesale, Inc.
Schumacher & Seiler Inc.
Shore Distributors
Snow & Jones, Inc.
SOLCO Plumbing Supply, Inc.
South Central Company
Southern Waterworks Supply, Inc.
SouthWest Plumbing Supply
SPS Companies, Inc.
Standard Plumbing Supply Company
Sunshine Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Supply New England, Inc.
SupplyHouse, LLC (and Hydronic Supply/Gil Meyerowitz Supply)
T. A. Gentry Supply, Inc.
The Distribution Point, LLC
The Portland Group
Tri Star Pipe & Supply (The Century Group)
V&W Supply Company
Van Marcke Trade Supply, Inc.
Vic Bond Supply Inc.
WA Birdsall & Co
Western Nevada Supply Co
Wholesale Plumbing Supply Co., Inc.
Wilkinson Supply Co.
Winston Water Cooler, Ltd.
Wittock Supply-Division of Standard Electric
Wm. F. Meyer Company
Worly Plumbing Supply Inc.

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